Mootz’s Italian Ice Pops

Mootz's Homemade Italian IceIt began in the summer of 2007. Mootz’s started serving cups of Florida’s best Italian Ices in Boca Raton, Florida. The name started as a nickname for the Founder’s son, and with the smiling ice logo, the brand has come to represent the kid in all of us – enjoying the sweet life, one heavenly lick at a time.

Mootz’s continues to scoop its delicious, unusual flavors at all the coolest events where you will see a smiling Mootz’s employee and our super cool Party Carts – which you, too, can rent. That’s right – cool events, cool carts and most important, refreshingly cool Mootz’s Ices!

And now, we are delighted to announce our newest venture –the creation of pre-packaged MootzPops every bit as awesome as fresh scooped – that people can purchase at their supermarket and bring home to enjoy whenever they need a tasty fix.

With the creation of our first four flavors of MootzPops – Lemon, Chocolate, Cotton Candy and Birthday Cake – we are excited to show the world that a delicious trip down memory lane to your childhood’s favorite desserts is now as close as your kitchen freezer!

MootzPops provide mouthwatering frozen treats where healthy and delicious work together to satisfy both small and big “kids” palettes. Exciting new flavors like Peanut Butter Chip, Cookies and Cream, Cherry Chip, Chocolate Brownie and Mango are just a few of the MootzPops coming soon. Plans for MootzPops enhanced with vitamins, protein and energy are also on the horizon.

Let us know your favorite MootzPop flavor!

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